The recording in music has always been his passion, has always looked for the quality of sound, melody and harmony in the composition in the arrangements, based on his training and studies at the conservatory. Pianist of vocation, but open to experimenting with synthesizers and sequencers has approached the various genres of music, through the technological changes that led to the shift from analog to digital, the virtual instruments and MIDI audio of efx.

Oversaw the production of new age music going from ambient, to lounge, chill out by the electronic and experimental dance music to. He arranged from pop to classical, from jazz to rock, from blues to funk, to hundreds of artists, from 1987 to present Working with over 400 deejays throughout Italy, has composed more than 18 000 pieces for discos, fashion shows, presentations, theme songs, jingles, soundtracks. He has created over 300 compositions pianobaristi and orchestras, producing discs with over 60 music publishing company. From 2008 he worked full-time exclusively for the Italian Way Music as artistic director and producer responsible for the repertoire and the catalog record. His recording studio is a meeting place for emerging artists, the center of new musical talent.


Among the over 18 000 works of John Toso is really difficult to make a selection of his best productions in recent years, working full time for Italian Way Music label has also produced the following albums
Real man Love is in my town La suite compilation Phaser kontrol To Give a deep sensation Only music
 Back to 70 Concorde Space TV In Space  Rue de luxe  I-chin meditation 
 Lungs Brain Conscience Skin Stomach Heart
Private Emotions Just for you In a whisper  Movie Keys Sextet     
Runner Runner  Sono Sempre Stata Chiara  Il Mestiere Del Costruire       
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